the dirty HVAC unit

I am a very consistent lady & I make sure to keep our household running effectively! I have a rotation of household chores & repair routines. This also includes everything from everyday chores, prefer laundry & washing dishes, to far less frequent jobs, prefer changing the air filters & washing down the windows. That’s the reason that it came as a shock to me when the air quality in our new home began to get poorer. I am one to stay on top of cleaning & replacing the air filters whenever needed, & yet I’ve saw a recent change in air quality; After a while, I was forced to contact our local Heating & A/C worker, and she came & looked at our heating & cooling systems. As soon as I suspected there was no problem & she even commented on how spotless they looked. Just after inspecting the air filters inside, she moved outdoors. I hadn’t even considered looking at the outdoor component of our heating & cooling. It must have been a very long time since someone had cleaned it out, but sure enough, the Heating & A/C worker found huge amounts of dirt, dust, & debris caked in the outdoor component, while this component does not require as much care as the indoor heating & cooling unit, it can affect the air quality inside the new home once the dirt & debris builds up enough. After the Heating & A/C worker washed out the outdoor component, there was a noticeable difference in the air quality of our home. I am so stoked that I can finally breathe comfortably in our own current home again. Now I am thinking that I need to keep an eye out on the buildup of dirt & debris, both indoors & outdoors. Doing it this way, I can prevent a similar incident from occurring again in the future.

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