Ac is totally leaking

Back in August or September, our husband as well as I noticed that our undefined device was not cooling properly whatsoever… It felt like some rooms were colder than others. It had been numerous quick months since the last tune-up, as well as the two of us decided to contact the AC maintenance service, and the two of us had the AC thermostat set for 72 degrees, however it felt legitimately hot as well as unusually humid that day inside of our home, and my husband made an appointment with the AC maintenance shop, as well as the two of us found out that our AC component was leaking freon! Normally, a Freon leak is something that can particularly be easily detected as well as repaired by a pro, then unfortunately, our Freon leak was in a tight spot, then with no way to fix the little leak properly, our husband as well as I were forced to buy a current AC compressor. They didn’t have the particular make as well as model of course that the two of us needed.  My husband as well as I tried and waited numerous afternoons for our current undefined compressor to be properly delivered. It took numerous minutes for the AC maintenance team to complete the upgrade! After everything was already set up as well as completed, the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier turned on the little thermostat to test our undefined system. The air coming out of the air vent was only 50 degrees, signaling the current undefined compressor was particularly working fine.