Ac system in the fall

Today at church all of us had some major concerns with our furnace. For some reason, there were way more people attending church than usual there this week. Usually all of us average around 120 people in our Sunday service, however this month I suppose there must’ve easily been 400 people! That’s a fantastic problem to have for us, I suppose, however it just so happened that this month was also the very first afternoon of spring. That means that the weather is cooling off plus the Heating plus Air Conditioning plans are really getting all out of whack. The a/c proposal at church was apparently still programmed for really chilly weather, plus I don’t suppose that our building repair crew had even evaluated the current temperature controls in the building since the weather started changing yesterday! So this week, with the warmer weather outside plus all of those extra people inside, things started getting really over the top sizzling inside. The temperature control must’ve still been set at winter’s rapidly changing temperatures, which means that although the a/c should’ve kicked on, the heating started running instead! By the actual time the repair was halfway over, I was covered in sweat enjoy crazy plus the holy locale was still heating up more plus more! I was really thrilled to get back outside into the cooler weather after all of us sang the final song! I don’t even know what the problem was, however hopefully somehow before all of us have church again next weekend, the building repair crew will finally have everything worked out with the heating plus a/c! I’m really hoping for my sake that the air conditioner works respectfully next week, even if the rapidly changing temperatures outside are not cooling off!

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