Office zone control add on

I know this one very difficult guy named Eric who is consistently complaining, however he tells myself and others every single day that his spouse ignores him plus that she doesn’t enjoy him  being around anymore, plus at first I felt sorry for him, and but honestly, the more I get to know Eric now, the more I see why he might get on her nerves! He’s consistently got something to bitch and gripe about plus I’m the lucky person who has to sit right next to him at work, however that means I have to listen to him complain about his parents, his brother, his spouse, his ladies, plus his broken down car, however then I have to listen to him complain about our boss plus his daily workload, plus his paycheck. But I suppose the thing that gets on my nerves most of all is when Eric starts complaining about the Heating plus Air Conditioning proposal in our office… It’s not even as though I am in a position to do anything about the heating or cooling in our office, so frankly I just don’t understand why he consistently has to whine to myself and others about the poor quality heating plus the a/c! Or the reason he feels that it’s necessary to replace it to myself and others on the indoor air pollen levels of the entire building, the current indoor temperature versus the outdoor’s conditions and rapidly changing temperatures, or what the temperature control is currently then set to. He’s actually driving myself and others crazy with his complete climate control freak nature. I don’t know what to do about it, either. I’m going to talk to my actual boss tomorrow to see if there’s a opportunity of getting zone control heating plus a/c installed soon in our office. It she says no to an Heating plus Air Conditioning replace, I’m going to promptly ask if I can just go job in the broom closet. I would rather stay in there all afternoon on my own than to listen to Eric gripe 1 more afternoon about the furnace or the air conditioner unit!

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