Adding another thermostat

It is eighty-nine degrees outside this week, plus I am resting in my office shivering.  Last week, our cooling machine froze up plus I had to call the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine supplier to come out plus check it out.  They were able to thaw the cooling machine, however they told me that I was going to be in need of a new temperature control especially soon. I honestly didn’t suppose a temperature control was all that vital, so I kind of blew them off when they told me this.  Instead, I just went about my regular routine, thinking that the temperature felt fine, now that the A/C machine was easily working again. It has been ten days at least since the A/C specialist was at our residence, plus I’m sure he had to have done something to our temperature control.  I have the temperature set for seventy-five, plus it is nearly sixty degrees inside my residence. The temperature control just doesn’t allow the a/c machine to shut off. I wanted to turn the cooling machine off so that it wouldn’t be so ice-cold, even though I don’t want to get too boiling either.  It’s either I busy my hands altogether to keep them from being overly cold, or I sweat similar to a pig, plus I get fatigued when I get overheated. Neither one of those is a nice option for me. I did call the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine supplier plus he offered to come over plus change out the temperature control for me.  I’m waiting for him to show up now, even though I truly don’t know what kind of temperature control to acquire. I thought about one of those new smart temperature controls, however I’ll be best off with our outdated programmable, exactly like the one I have currently.