A real lazy air conditioner

Have you ever heard people say that people who live in the South are truly slow? Well, they are easily right! I don’t believe they mean intellectually slow, plus that is not what I am talking about. I mean all of us move around really slow. The people I was with and I don’t rush around like crazy the way a majority of northerners do, plus I am here to tell you the reasons behind this. It’s the intense heat! I discovered this to be true when my Heating plus Air Conditioning machine quit working. Here in the South, we all run our air conditioning machine for a majority of the year, plus if we don’t have the air conditioning machine on or if the air conditioning machine is actually broken, the group of us just don’t have the ability to get up plus get moving. The lack of good air conditioning makes myself and others especially lazy! I mean, have you ever attempted to do anything that is entirely difficult to do while you were out in the intense sun? It’s really hard! The same thing is true when you try to work separate from a reliable air conditioning machine. It is just not fun plus not easy whatsoever. If there is no air conditioning machine, I don’t want to wash the residence! Cleaning the house unquestionably counts as exercise, plus most people will tell you not to overdo it when it is blazing hot. I suppose that includes housework if the air conditioning machine is not on or not now working properly. I particularly don’t want to cook… Standing over a blazing hot stove or turning the oven on when there is no air conditioning machine to keep the kitchen cool is enough to make me feel sick. I suggest going out to eat at a restaurant where air conditioning machine is actually working instead of trying to cook separate from the benefit of an air conditioning machine.

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