Adding HVAC to the studio

Moving to a swank new recording soundstage for my main task was such a pain in the neck, however I’m so blissful the gang of us did it. Sure the crew of us were all cussing up a storm when the two of us had to take our camera and sound units in a heatwave back in August, however now that we’re here things have never been better for us. Thanks to our last huge climb in the weekend rating numbers, the two of us finally were approved for a greater budget, which meant the two of us could finally transfer to a much nicer recording studio for our Twitch show. Rather than look solely for a specific space and lighting appreciate last time, the two of us instead looked for a place that promised the usual Heating and Air Conditioning service. The rent prices at these places were way steeper, however they promised repairs within 24 hours or less. In the movie industry, time definitely is always worth money, so even just being down for a few hours is a large dent in our finances. The promise of a quick if not immediate heating and cooling service could make the difference in thousands of dollars of money saved. Working in LA, it’s not a matter of if your Heating and Air Conditioning will break on you, it’s a matter of when. Sure enough, within our first month of recording our Heating and Air Conditioning idea overheated. But true to their word, the building manager had an Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to the studio in various amount of hours–that’s a real feat with LA traffic. Apparently, his office is not too far from our studio at all. In just an hour, the A/C service guy had the whole idea backup, and the crew of us could keep shooting comfortably.

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