Oil boiler in our home

There is nothing I value more highly than waking up everyday surrounded by history. If the walls could talk, our place would certainly have a lot to say. There were people residing in our beach new home before the U.S. Constitution was even written! However, with such a legitimately seasoned place comes a lot more responsibility to replace and maintain it over the years. Sure, the two of us could make the interiors feel more modern, however my fiance and I each felt that this might spoil the integrity of the home. We have current appliances in the kitchen where it counts, however the very last thing the two of us want is for the beach new home to lose the charm and character that first attracted us to it all those years ago. That’s why instead of getting a whole new Heating and Air Conditioning system, the two of us also made the decision to go with a wood stove. The woodstove is not only superbly neat and affordable, however it is also so low service that operating it is a breeze. When it gets in the 20s or 30s outside, the two of us just throw the kindling together and light a match. In just a few short minutes, the two of us throw the first log on. It definitely is that easy! Since a wood stove is also a closed furnace, unlike a fireplace, it holds heat much more efficiently and is far less prone to going out on you. With the woodstove, the two of us save hundreds off the use of our old boiler every year. Since the woodstove is fully closed, the two of us can also keep it going far after the two of us go to bed. A special valve setting will even help the wood burn for longer, so the ancient home is still warm when the two of us wake in the morning.

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