Air conditioner and the vents

You might view property owners as fat cats sitting on piles of cash, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Most property owners are not like Monopoly guy, they are hard working folks just like the rest of us trying to make a few extra bucks. Owning properties, along with renting apartments or houses to tenants, is a lot of times more trouble than it is worth.  This is a lesson learned the difficult way. After only one year as a property owner I may just sell the property just to be done it. My tenants have been having an ongoing issue with their central Heating and A/C system in their house. The air conditioner and furnace were only installed two years ago, plus I make sure to have them inspected in addition to monthly maintenance by a local Heating and A/C technician I used to go to school with. I know for certain the A/C worked perfectly when they first moved in, however they always complain to me that it does not work. I had my buddy go by again, just a few days ago, to inspect the entire Heating and AcC system from top to bottom.  He came back to me that the family living there consistently keeps their windows open, for natural ventilation, even while the air conditioning system is still running. This has been the source of incredible stress on the air conditioner, which is basically trying its best at cooling down the entire town. He told me that the almost-new Heating and A/C plan now looked like it was almost 10 years old, which is thanks to all the extra cooling it had been forced to do.

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