Air conditioners did not fit in the window

I have nothing but good memories when I think about growing up.  We had a small farm with several acres of land. I loved playing in the barn and being able to be outside all of the time.  We used to go down to the pond and fish. Sometimes my brothers and I would go out and play football down near the pond. In the winter, the pond would freeze over and it was a good time learning to ice skate.  We had this old dog that loved to chase us around, and he was just like one of our siblings. Our home may have been old and small, but we all loved it. I remember coming inside on a hot humid day and I remember how cool it would feel.  We had a couple of small window air conditioners. They didn’t fit the windows and dad had to put tape around them to keep the air from coming in around the windows. To us, it was the best type of air conditioning around. We had an old gas furnace to keep the house warm during the winter.  Since our winters were cold and snowy, we had to make sure we had a good furnace and dad would have it serviced every year. I remember it being so cold outside that you felt like you were going to freeze before you even had the door shut. We hated getting out of our warm beds to go to school.  The furnace worked so well, that we just wanted to stay in the house. Now mom and dad have central HVAC. I don’t know if it is better than what we had growing up, but they are happy.