Air conditioning on the beach

When people get to thinking about the beach & the ocean, they of course associate these numerous things with sunshine & warmth. When I travel abroad or visit far away family & I tell them I’m residing on the coast these days. They believe that I enjoy soaking up the rays of the sunshine on the beach for leisure. The real truth is, there are merely a few months out of the year in which the beach that I live on has some semblance of summer time weather, & even this can be ruined by a sudden thunderstorm striking & pouring tons of cold rain. The other months out of the year, the weather is mostly overcast & freezing & the sea is windy & choppy & dirty-looking. To be perfectly honest, if there’s any ambience that I sincerely enjoy around where I live, it’s coming in from the cold & the wet to a delightfully heated household & a bright & warming fireplace! Sporadically, I kick up my feet on the couch in the kitchen after pouring myself a nice warm cup of Earl Grey & I read a fine book while the cold & stormy seas outside are still on the edge of hearing. I seriously would not want to trade those evenings for the world, & I owe all of this comfort largely to our powerful furnace & dehumidifier. I make sure that both of these temperature control units are thoroughly inspected a few times throughout the year. As a result, the household always been a bastion of security for me on the most chilly, wettest afternoons! Even living on a freezing, stormy coast can be beautiful when you have a really nice, warm, dry, & inviting household to return to in the evening.

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