The HVAC was just not working

I was simply laying on my couch last weekend watching TV. All my friends had plans plus I didn’t really want to go out anyway, despite the fact that I was quite bored. Do you know the feeling? Anyway, I was laying there on the couch, flipping through the channels, when I mumbled to myself: “Boy, I wish something fascinating happened around here, I don’t care what it is…” As if to punctuate that sentence, I right away heard a very loud bang plus rattle plus then my air conditioning device stopped working altogether. I sat there on the couch for a couple of minutes in complete shock. By then, it was already getting hot in my household. I swear, it seems to me that the celestial powers to be are only listening when they have the opportunity to mess with myself and others in some ironic way. I got up plus went over to the hallway to stare dumbly at my temperature control unit. I really wasn’t fooling anybody, least of all myself; I have no clue in the least what went wrong. I simply shrugged plus reached out to the Heating plus A/C boys that I do business with every so often. Come to think of it, it had been some time since I called them. Luckily, a repairman was able to come out that very same day, albeit towards the evening. As clueless as I was about what the complication may have been, it did not take him long to figure out. The trouble was that my air filter had not been changed in a long while, plus there was a mechanical component inside the machine that was worn down to the point where it failed, shot loose, plus rattled around the housing. I really must say that that wasn’t terribly fascinating, it was just unfortunate, plus now I had this repair bill to pay!

HVAC tune up