Air quality is something we should watch

I don’t care about the reasoning behind the hospital keeping the air conditioning so low.  I don’t care if they do keep the air conditioning down low in the surgical ward. I know that it is best to keep the thermostat set low because too much heat can cause infection to spread.  Germs and bacteria spread when the temperature is too high. My dad was not in the surgical ward. My dad didn’t have any kind of infection. He was in the hospital because he had hurt his back and he was bedridden.  I walked into his room, and it was so cold that even I began to shiver. He was trying to get out of his restraints so he could get to the thermostat and turn the temperature up a bit. He laid there with heated blankets on him.  He had hot water bottles at his feet, and he was still shivering. I talked to the nurse and she went into her spiel about the infections and how the temperatures needed to be lower, and I reminded her that my father was immobile and he didn’t need the extreme air conditioning.  She shrugged, rolled her eyes and went back out of the room. I knew someone in the hospital and I made a phone call. An hour later, there was a HVAC technician in my dad’s room. He told us that the thermostat was broken. There was no way that the changing of the thermostat was going to get the temperature to come up.  He put in a new thermostat, and we soon had some heating in the room..

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