A jam session

My friends and I had this brief but entertaining goal of playing a live show as a cover band. We talked about the band every day for weeks on end, and finally one day we actually managed to get together for our first band practice. It was at this sound studio on the westside of town, built into a former auto garage. You wouldn’t guess it though, because the studio was fully furnished with everything we needed to jam! When we paid for our studio time, we walked in and immediately noticed how cool and comfortable it was. We looked at the two duct registers on the wall, which looked like they had power buttons and dials. I hadn’t seen any air conditioner like this, and I was pretty curious to know what it was. The jam session was pretty successful, and we were able to get a few songs down, but my strange curiosity about the buttons on the duct registers were pretty consistent. When our session was over, we thanked the studio owners on the way out, but I had to ask them what was up with the fancy register vents. They said that because the building was old and difficult to lay new ductwork, they used these miniature mounted boosters on the ducts to improve air circulation in the studio. I thought was that pretty cool, and they said it was a pretty cost effective approach to keeping the studio space cool. Hopefully we come back to get some more practice time in – I can’t imagine it’s easy to find a cheap studio to rent out that’s actually comfortable!

air duct system