all we had was a ton of thermostats

When my wife and I thought about a romantic vacation, my wife and I decided the best thing would be to go down to a tropical location. It was a cool time of the year, and that made it even more enjoyable to get away to a warm location. The people I was with and myself were certainly looking forward to the get away. It took every one of us weeks to pack all of our things + get ready for the Excursion. When the people plus myself arrived to the area, the two of us were immediately impressed with our room accommodations. The garden view apartment was equipped with a clawfoot bathtub, which is one of my favorite things. We had an electric fireplace in the bedroom, which made things absolutely cozy. Another nice thing in the garden view apartment was the addition of two mini split heating, ventilation, and A/C equipment. The mini split units help provide Heating and Cooling to the different areas are round the garden view apartment./ We found it to be very helpful, and my wife and I even adjusted the temperatures so the bedroom and living room were just a little different. It made going to bed a much more romantic thing, because we could feel the difference like we were going to a whole nother environment or place. The mini split heating, ventilation, and AC equipment was just the perfect touch to add to this tropical location romantic getaway. I even recommended some of my co-workers to the same location last week.