Always had to fix the a/c

Being the sole person on a total staff of chicks can be rough. I am regularly talked about on plus flirted with to do horrible stuff. The worst is when I get a call into the store simply because I am a bro. The store I job at has a bad working A/C unit. The air conditioning system at times will shut off plus refuse to switch on. All the chicks call me when this happen. I guess because I am a bro, they know I am able to handle it. I am not exactly a tool belt wearing bro though. I am great with a skateboard plus cars. Fixing an air conditioning system system is a bit different than those things. However, because I get called just about once a week I have gotten better. I have l received what to start with plus go from there. The 1st thing I attempt is cleaning the air filter on the A/C unit. I received that the cooling filter should be changed every 2 weeks. Occasionally the air conditioning system just halts because it is packed with grime plus can’t operate efficiently. I then clean it out plus wash up the inside. A few times a week this works. If not, after that every one of us need to pick up the coolant plus try that. If that does not do the job, I take a look at the condensate drain. There are days that the algae builds up plus the air conditioning system does not drain that well; Removing the algae has the A/C working better.

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