Always suffering from allergy issues

My wife always had bad issues and suffered from bad allergies. We could never own any dog or any pet because she was allergic to their fur. She didn’t know she was allergic back when I had a dog because her family never owned any pets. So, when she would come over when we were dating, she would break out into horrendous sneezing fits and her eyes would swell up. One time it was so bad, we had to call the ambulance to come and get her to the hospital. It was they who informed us that she was most likely allergic to the dog. I couldn’t simply get rid of my dog, so whenever we were together, I would always go over her house instead. It was like this for a while until my dog died. She moved in to my home and everything was fine for many years. We never owned a pet and my wife never had a bad allergic reaction again from it. However, one day she woke up and her face was swollen and she couldn’t stop sneezing again like when the dog was here. I brought her to the hospital and they asked us if we had any mold or leaky pipes in the house. I doubted it because the house was just inspected before we bought it a few years ago. When I checked the basement, I noticed the HVAC unit had a broken hose and there was mold growing around ceiling. My wife stayed at her mother’s house for the next few days until the HVAC technician came by and replaced the broken hose. I hired a carpenter to come in and replace the ceiling and check if there were any more spots of mold hanging around. My wife came back and luckily we haven’t had any more issues ever since.

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