As long as I’m warm, being snowed in is not bad

This may sound like madness to you, but every year I get snowed in for a few months. Sometimes it is only a few weeks, one year it was just over four months, but I definitely spend a good portion of the year trapped out here in the wilderness by ice and snow. Obviously this isn’t a big problem for me, or else I would move. If anything, I look forward to the extreme solitude I get during the annual snow-in. I do a lot of reading, a lot of writing, and catch up on the movies i missed during the year. Making sure I have adequate heating for the entire time is of course the primary concern I have, followed closely by having enough food. The thing is that I can always hunt for food, but heating it harder to come by. It’s far too cold to go out and cut wood in such weather, so I can’t find fuel for my furnace, but I can set snares to catch food. So far my heating has not run dry on me, after a good thirty winters spent in this cabin. I still have the same old wood burning furnace that was in the cabin when I bought it. This wrought iron furnace has probably been here for a hundred years, and it will be providing heating for another hundred at least. Having a nice new central HVAC system would be easier, but then I would be totally reliant on electricity for my heat. I’ll stick with this antique furnace instead.

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