Boiler is super ugly and connecting it to my pool made it worse

When I read online that your boiler can be used to heat your swimming pool, I jumped on it. I own a huge, ugly, rusted boiler system. I hate the boiler so bad and want it to die. I want to upgrade my heating equipment with something smaller. As long as the boiler runs, I have to keep it. I thought adding pool heating on top of home heating for the boiler would cause it to breakdown. Surely that is too much for the boiler to heat? Well, for starters I did not look into the setup of pool heating. I guess I believed magic elves carried the boilers heat to the pool. Nope, piping is actually what connects the boiler to my swimming pool. The piping is huge, dirty and an eyesore. Also, the piping is not buried under my ground. The HVAC business just threw them on my lawn and connected it to my pool. So every time I have to mow I have to watch for the pipes. The piping looks super classless too. Having huge white pipes all throughout my yard looks terrible. I will admit, the pool is really warm though. The boiler is kicking butt at providing heating for the pool and the home simultaneously. But, I want to remove everything from my home. I don’t’ want the pipes in my yard or the boiler in my basement. I want a modern heater in my home and a nicer looking pool heater. I am tired of looking like the classless one in the neighborhood all because of my boiler.

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