Automated lights

A pertinent question to ask when you find some neighborhood teens in your garage is why are they in there. At this point, I can only ask myself why I came here. I moved into this neighborhood a few weeks ago after being fired and on unemployment for numerous weeks. There was nothing in my field or paying anywhere near what I was paid at my previous job, so I lost in the end and had to take a job making far less. This also meant that I could no longer afford where I was living, so I had to pack everything up and move to the other side of the village where everything is a little cheaper.

              That is okay with me as I grew up in a tough city. However having to keep watch for people breaking into everything is getting quite old. I thought about getting dogs and letting them run around in the garage. After that, I thought maybe a security alarm might be a better option. They aren’t too dear and will intimidate the crap out of anyone setting it off. I don’t really have enough to get a fancy security system, where the supplier will call the police for you. I don’t really want to call the cops anyway though, for the kids aren’t trying to hurt anyone, but are just itching for a little fun. I know how that goes.

           I’m sure a blaring siren from a security alarm will keep them out of there for good.