Back to college need a smart thermostat while I am at classes

I recently decided to go back to college and study what I actually want to know. Since going to school is a huge change in routine, I had to adjust a few things in my life. I have to keep a tighter budget since I am spending more on school and working less. I also need to keep my lights off in the morning. When I leave for class, I don’t want to waste electric in my home the whole time I am gone. I am thinking about investing in a smart thermostat for this reason. Yes, I should not spend money while I am at school. I will need textbooks, notebooks and supplies for class. But, the smart thermostat will save me money in the long haul. Right now, I have the heating system going while I get ready. I then have to turn down the temperature control quite a bit. I can’t leave my home unheated or the pipes would freeze. But, I don’t want the heating to be super high with me not in it. I then go to class and come back to a cold house. I reset the thermostat higher, wait around forever, and then I get quality heating. This type of schedule is not a good one. When the Spring semester comes around I am not sure what to do. Will I just never have the AC system on and have a hot house? The smart thermostat could learn my schedule and just do the program I set. It also would scan the house and when I am gone, everything would turn off. I wouldn’t even need to remember.

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