Freshness or nothing

I am a bit obsessed with freshness.  It borders on a psychological abnormality.  There are no such thing as leftovers in my fridge.  I do not own any sort of plastic storage containers.  None. If you come to my house for dinner and want the leftovers, bring your own doggie bag.  Freshness is important in nearly every facet of my life. The minute the flowers droop, they are in the trash.  I never move further than 10 feet from my home without a variety of fresh breath solutions. Very fresh air is near the top of my freshness list.  I don’t want to cover smells with other smells. I want the air to be fresh and free of contaminants. To this end, I went so far as to get my HVAC man over here to add a whole house air purifier to the HVAC air handler.  The air purifier uses UV rays to kill 99.9 percent of all contaminants in the air. The air purifier even kills 90 percent of those yuckies by the time it turns the air over the first time. I felt this would bring me the freshness level I require.  It made a glorious difference. Yet, it wasn’t quite there yet. During the heat of the summer, the doors and windows remain shut for months at a time. The resulting air just has a dank, stale smell to it. I called the HVAC guy back. This time he brought me a Heat Recovery Ventilator.  This gizmo pulls in the same amount of fresh air from outside that is vented. There is no loss of efficiency or added stress to the HVAC unit. The electronically controlled fan simply adds a near constant stream of fresh air when the house is sealed tight. I am pleased now. My air is fresh, just the way I want it.

UV lights