Best friend chooses husband

I’m so freaking happy for my girl right now. My best friend just got the surprise of her life when her new fiance proposed last night! I couldn’t be more excited for her, because it’s been a long time coming. You see, she’s a bit… particular. It really has taken a number of years for her to even find someone she wanted to date, let along marry the guy! She’s very interested in her own privacy and has a hard time letting new people into her life, so finding a boyfriend wasn’t at the top of her list. She finally found a winner, though, and it was through interesting means. Her soon to be husband is an HVAC technician, and this wasn’t an accident. After years of living alone and dealing with all of her own heating and cooling emergencies, one day my buddy decided that she needed a man who knew his way around an air conditioning unit. We happen to live in a hot and humid environment, where AC is key all year long. She always had a small window AC unit for her apartment that rarely spit out any cool air whatsoever, but that was the only option in her financial situation. One day, as she sat in her hot house sweating, she happened to see a commercial for heating and cooling system repairs, and the wheels started turning. It suddenly seemed so clear to her – find an HVAC technician, and reap the rewards of his excellent air conditioning and furnace repair skills! She would always have a steady household income and the most comfortable indoor air you could ever imagine! Some people marry for love, some for high quality air.

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