Scheduling the service

I refuse to leave my house when it rains, and as I work at home I rarely need a reason to stay inside. Unfortunately,m a few weeks ago, we were experiencing some heavy showers through the area, and my A/C unit ended up blowing out right in the middle of the evening. I had been noticing some concerns with it for some time now, and I was pretty sure it was solely with the outside compressor. I actually wanted to go outside and fix it, but I did not want to battle the rain, though after an hour had passed, I was pretty uncomfortable! With the a/c out and the rain keeping me from even opening a window, I eventually had to suck it up. I grabbed my rain coat and went out back to get the job done. I was out there for nearly an hour until I managed to figure out what was wrong with the Heating and A/C unit! At last, I was able to head back in and dry off. I got back to the job shortly after that. I’m expecting to need a new heating unit in the next few weeks, but I really want to put that off for as long as I can, as it’s going to be pricey and I want to save up a little more before I have the old unit replaced. If I can manage to keep the old heating and cooling unit going for just a few more months, I think I’d be much more happy with the end result when it comes to be time to replace it!

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