Big hotel heater

There was this rundown, historic hotel I used to be an employee of; it reminded everybody of a horror movie. Well, I always worked nights there, and sometimes we would see some strange things, or hear some weird noises out back somewhere or up on the second floor. The hotel was super haunted. Well, not only would I get scared, but because it was such an old, creepy hotel and was so large, the heating equipment couldn’t keep up and was inefficient. I begged and begged for the heat to be increased in that hotel, especially during the night when there was no sun shining in the windows. They declined, because there was no point to it – I used to come ready for work, in heavy clothes, layered with a sweater and a scarf. At times, I even donned two pairs of pants and thick socks! Well, one day, when I arrived inside, I sat down at the desk and whacked my legs off of something below, but nothing is usually there. It was a small heater! I have never been so overjoyed in my entire life. That little portable heater generated so much heat I think it singed my leg hairs off of me each and every night when I cranked it to full blast! I would enjoy being next to it in the back office because that was my best bet of keeping any heat retained, rather than sitting in the large lobby! Who would have suspected such a tiny little heater would make me so cozy in my work environment all night!

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