Miserable with no cooling

I don’t know how much longer I am going to be able to put up with southern living. Initially, I was having a blast every new day. I was going for long walks with my dog, I was enjoying ice cream and feeling warm, and I was just happy. That was until I noticed the monthly energy bill for June. I had recently switched out my a/c unit with a much older one because the newer one had broken down, and I didn’t want to spend loads of money down at the HVAC service company on a fancy new one. Looking back on it now, that was a pretty stupid thing to do. The bill came, and I thought that I was being joked with. The bill just to turn on the a/c approached the cost of my rent! I cannot shut off my a/c when I am away at work, because my dog is back at home and I will not suffer him to be warm and miserable for all that time. I think my next best option is to possibly move back up to the north. Up in the north is where all of my relatives live, but I really don’t wish to head back up there. There is just something about the brutal cold  that I hate. I think that I should make a choice sooner rather than later, because I really can’t afford another month of blasting this a/c unit.

ac worker