Bigger prices on the oil heater

When it starts to get into the 50s in my state, everyone panics about fueling their homes. Or at least, they do in my area. A lot of the houses in my town are much older, plus we don’t have a lot of natural gas access out here… That means you either have to your heat via wood burning stoves, fireplaces, or through an oil furnace, you’re either spending money to order a cords of wood, or you’re looking to place an order to fill up your oil tank before the real cold sets in. And the closer and closer we get to winter, the higher the price of oil will get, i truly don’t like having to use an oil heater; the price can fluctuate which makes it impossible for me to truly budget how much the heating bill will be for the next few months. However, my new apartment lets me get as much as I can when the price is as low as it can get; When my guy and I purchased this house, we realized the basement had plenty of room for a fifth oil tank, so we called our local HVAC company to install an additional fuel storage tank for our oil heater. This allows our apartment to hold over 500 gallons of fuel at one time. With the fifthary oil furnace tank, we can have what would for everyone be 2-fill ups at once, when the prices are much lower. In doing so, all of us can avoid fueling in the middle of Winter time when prices skyrocket up, saving us hundred of dollars on our home’s heating bill.