Blogging about hotel temperature control

I love my current work situation. After spending fifteen years in the regular workforce, I finally have made it and now work for myseIf as a blogger. It is basically my dream job, but it took quite awhile to get here. Before blogging, I worked did many different things and worked for a variety of companies, ranging from small businesses to large corporations and I can tell you, working for yourself is the way to go. As a blogger, I can set my own schedule, and I do not have to take any crap from bosses or coworkers. In my blog, I write about different hotels and motels. One of the biggest reasons I will give a hotel a good or bad review is its climate control system. If a hotel has good climate control, I will most likely give that hotel a good review. I especially like hotels that allow the guests to have full climate control of their room. It is great if you can adjust the temperature hotter or lower, but it is even better if you are allowed to control the humidity, and better still if the room is equipped with a smart thermostat that you can control from your phone. The review I ever gave was to a hotel that had a smart thermostat with temperature and humidity control. I stayed in a suite that allowed you to have a different temperature and humidity in the bathroom, the living room, and the bedroom. It was simply magnificent, because I like to sleep in a cool room, but I want my bathroom to be always extra warm, especially when getting out of the tub or shower, and I like the living room to be a happy medium. I told my readers that hotel was worth the extra money for the smart thermostat alone.

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