Allergies better after moving

I didn’t realize how much the indoor air quality was affecting my allergies, until I moved. I was living in the same apartment for 3 years, and I never considered the indoor air quality to be a factor for my health. During the three years, I had plenty of seasonal allergies, hay fever, and other allergy symptoms. I was sneezing, coughing, and wheezing throughout much of the spring and summer seasons. It wasn’t until I moved, that I realize the indoor air quality was the problem. My girlfriend and I decided to get an apartment together, and we both chose to live somewhere new. My girlfriend wanted to live in the city, so we found a nice loft apartment. The loft apartment was set up with many modern amenities, including an upgraded HVAC system. The HVAC system had a voice-activated system. We could adjust the temperature in three different areas of our loft apartment. This type of HVAC system is known as a zone system. Each HVAC zone can be independently moderated to a specific temperature. In addition to the Zone HVAC system, our new apartment was also equipped with an air purification system. The air purification system was one of the biggest reasons why we chose the apartment. I was hoping my allergies would find relief, now that the indoor air quality had changed so significantly. After six months, I can honestly say that my allergies symptoms have been almost nonexistent. I can’t remember breathing this easily, since long before I was a teenager. It’s been great living with my girlfriend, but it’s also been really nice to breathe easier.

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