Buying a home

When I got my summer job I really felt I could handle it.  I finally found a way to earn a few dollars during to my bread from school. It was the least glamorous job ever as I was a cleaning person for the local rental company.  They rented beach houses to families and many of them trashed the places while they were there. Trust me, I would have rather spent the summer hanging with my friends than scrubbing toilets.  My day consisted of going from rental house to rental house on beach doing deep cleaning in between guests. We had to literally strip every single air vent in the entire house, disinfect it and replace the air filters. This was the absolute worst job! People felt like they could blast the air conditioning during their stay and it clogged the filters way faster than normal use would do. The filth in the those air filters was horrific. You could almost tell when you walked in the house who was smoking or had brought little Fido along with them even though there were rules against both. But, once you opened up the filters it was obvious. So, not only was the smell and dirt the worst, we had to stop and take photos for the owners! Some of the houses took a lot longer than others did. For those, we ended up getting compensated well. At least the owners understood when particular renters were worse than others. At least we felt live valued employees thanks to that. I will tell you this, I have a completely different attitude when it comes to being a guest at a hotel or rental myself.  I try and keep them clean and never abuse the HVAC system.

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