By the light of the space heater

I love my friends. I think they are the best, funnest, and funniest humans on this entire planet. That’s why I make so many trips back to my home state to keep up with everyone. I could never let me friend group die, even though I live 10 hours away at this point. Each and every holiday season we all meet up for what we call Skwadsmas. We spend the evening drinking, dancing, and enjoying amazing food prepared by my man. That night, we all have a massive slumber party in the basement, which is both hilarious and challenging. Because the basement is so dang cold, as if none of the central heat can reach the helms of the underground basement, it is difficult for everyone to stay warm enough throughout the night. Many times my stupid friends will pass out directly on the frigid, heat sucking cement floor, and wake up shivering in the middle of the night. Then they either sneak out to the ground level for warmth, or endure the brutal cold for the rest of the night. It’s quite an ordeal. This year, we decided to circumvent some of the cold, and put a large space heater down in the basement for added heat. The little heater was quite interesting to me, because it appeared to be a tiny electric fireplace. The machine lit up and presented fake flames as it shot hot air out of several air vents up above. Honestly, it was quite a cozy and romantic evening we all shared, sleeping separately by the light of the little space heater after our big party. I don’t know if we got more sleep than usual, but I think we have a new Skwadsmas tradition.

electric heater