Loud radiator

I’m a little embarrassed to tell this next story, so take it easy on me and hear me out. I mean, it’s not really my fault that I didn’t know better, but I’m feeling self conscious anyways. Maybe I’m just a little too modern to have spent enough time around radiators, or maybe there simply aren’t enough radiators still in operation for me to have experienced their unique method of heating. Either way, I can tell you that I was quite unfamiliar with the specific feel and sound of a working radiator during the middle of a brutally cold winter night, and frankly, the thing scared the crap out of me. I was staying at my friend Elsa’s apartment out in the middle of the northside, and the weather outside was quite dreadful. There was frigid air whipping every direction and snow blowing off all the tall buildings. I cozied up on her couch and passed out quickly after our night of hanging out had come to and end, and presumed that I would sleep restfully through the rest of the night without any problems. I was wrong. I woke up a few hours later, alone in the dark apartment, and hearing something strange. It sounded as though someone was in the room with me, just occasionally making the slightest creak or snap. I couldn’t figure out who would be int here with me, unless it was a burglar, of course. At no point did it occur to me that the wonderful radiating heat I felt must have been coming from somewhere. I never realized that there were no air vents present in the room, but hot air was filling the space anyways. It was not until I went and disturbed my friend from her sleep to declare that there was intruder when I looked over and realized that I was sleeping right next to an old creaky radiator.

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