Can’t last much longer with no a/c

The people I spend time with plus myself we’re honestly in a terrible predicament last month. My wife was honestly injured on the job, plus she is honestly the biggest Breadwinner in our home. When the people I was with plus myself looked at all of our bills, we immediately knew something would honestly need to be done quickly. At once, the people I was with plus myself decided I would go back to work + find a night job. There weren’t very many night jobs that I could honestly do, but one of them was driving a forklift at a local packaging Warehouse. The people I was with plus myself were in charge of moving several thousands of boxes over the night. I drove my forklift around honestly picking up piece after piece, plus moved them into the back of large semi Vehicles. The people I was with plus myself honestly didn’t mind the work too much, but the environment was pretty bad. The warehouse was honestly severely cold at night. It seems like they turned off the furnace around 10, because the people I was with plus myself were always colder after the third shift crew came in. Even though we were hustling + bustling around, we could barely feel the furnace working at all. A couple of people put a small battery-operated on our forklift. I thought it seems like a great idea, plus went to find something for the forklift. For less than $20, I found a portable furnace that will keep my hands and toes from freezing at night.

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