Career of a HVAC man

Going into the job of an HVAC repairman just made sense to me when I was a lad. I loved to repair things, I loved working and speaking with people, and I liked helping people out that need help. One thing that I didn’t think about all those years ago was the truth that it is very dangerous to be an HVAC serviceman, especially in the cold north. When living and working in the north where it is chilly and snowy, this involves working with super large and big heated gas furnaces. I was out on call to a guy’s house and had just finished up cleaning out an old heater that had been giving him problems for weeks. This system was so much older than almost all the other heated gas furnaces that I had encountered in my short career, so I was having some issues finding what was causing the bad performance. After about two hours, I finally called it quits and was speaking with the man who had called me, but then, I heard a big thud and crash just behind me. Apparently, whoever the HVAC service people that installed their furnace into the wall did a bad job, because the ton of metal landed just six inches from me, sending metal and scraps of plastic flying. If I had been standing just a little closer, it straight up might have killed me. I guess that I learned to be far more careful on the job that afternoon!

HVAC technology