Carpet cleaning company needed

When our child graduated from college, all she strove for was getting her own business off the ground. She got insanely lucky when she found someone who owned a carpet cleaning service, so she started for the owner. Going into condominiums, she was tasked with cleaning the carpets before the new tenants would transport their stuff in. They had some special cleaning products they used to get all kinds of stains out of the carpets – literally anything would come out! In time, she picked up on how to remove and install carpets, along with the chemicals you needed for particular stains. Whenever she started talking about the carpet cleaning business, I saw a spark in her eyes! She liked what she was doing. Now all the sudden, the owner of the business had given her a company truck to set her free! With her own district to cover, she was swiftly getting her own clients. Even when she wasn’t working, she was setting up appointments for house and apartment buildings around town. Her husband would get sad if she had to go back into work on holiday if there was an emergency, and I remember all of us were going to see her for Christmas once. But, there was an emergency in one apartment, where the hot water furnace had broken down. The entire unit was flooded! She had to go to the house, suck all of the water out of the carpeting with a wetvac, and clean it all up. They had to make sure no mold formed, as sucking out the water was not enough to clean the place up. It was the time consuming process, as one had to be sure the wood floors beneath were dry as well. The carpeting needed special treatment as well as she ended up being at the house until after dark, so Christmas wasn’t all too great that year.

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