Caulking the HVAC

I am so frustrated with  my husband that I am about ready to hang his picture at every hardware store in the tri-county.  It seems that he can’t pass a hardware store without going into it. Every time he comes out, he is inevitably toting a bag.  If it were a tool or something, I could understand, but he has this thing for caulking. He doesn’t seem to be happy unless he has a caulk gun in his hand.  He must have bought ten tubes of caulk in the last month. He is running around like a crazy man, trying to figure out what to insulate next, before winter arrives.  I don’t know when caulking became insulation. I told him that he needs to spend more time checking out the furnace before winter comes, but he ignores that. I really think that all of our heating problems are coming from the furnace.  It is as old as the house and it is forty years old now. I know that isn’t as efficient as it once was. I swear I can hear the air whistling through the ductwork. Maybe the ductwork also needs some work. If I could convince him to get us a new furnace, then maybe he would get rid of his caulk gun.  I brought home some brochures from the local HVAC company. They are showing the more affordable, energy efficient and eco-friendly heating systems that are now on the market. I’m trying to figure out the best place to lay them, so he will look at them and not just use them for kindling in the fireplace.  Maybe that will help him to see we need a new furnace.

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