Ceiling fans in the home

As my fiance & I are reconstructing our house, the two of us are looking for methods to make the space seem larger. We have torn down a few walls which makes a sizable difference. We also located an extra more than 2 feet or so for our ceilings in the living room! The only potential concern with that is that there is Heating & A/C ducting up in there. Simply put, to claim that space, the two of us need to move the Heating & A/C ducts to a different space, and that’s a healthy portion of money right there just to do that, not include the expense of having the whole ceiling open, then placing drywall back up. & lighting & all kinds of things. I don’t absolutely remember everything the construction worker told us. I was so overwhelmed just by being in there. There was a lot happening. I’m just gleeful for the project to be completely so that the two of us can transfer t in! My fiance & I discussed the vitality of the ceiling height when the two of us get to our house. Ultimately, adding that additional few feet, even though it is extravagant because of the Heating & A/C situation, it is absolutely going to be amazing. One of our desires in this renovation is to provide the house as much area as the two of us can. It needs to seem open & airy, & I plan for it to be full of light. That extra expense to relocate the Heating & A/C ducts is going to be worth it once the two of us are lounging in our spacious living room that is full of natural light. It’s going to seem so open &  appealing. My fiance is less hopeful than I that it will be worth it; however, I’m the hopeful in the family, so that’s not completely unexpected.

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