Will come back when they have a/c

If I had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of my entire life it would be Italian. I love Italian food so much. I cook a lot of Italian food at home, however, I really like going out to eat it too. My number one place to go and get good Italian food is about four blocks down the road from our house. I was just there last night, however I didn’t have our normal dining experience. Last night when I arrived I was seated at our regular table, however I swiftly realized that the air conditioning wasn’t blowing any air through the vents. When I asked the waitress if she would be able to adjust the thermostat for us, she told me that the Heating & A/C component wasn’t working at the moment & that they were waiting for the HVAC mechanic to arrive. I was actually bummed out because I had never had that happen to me while going to get our very favorite meal before! But, I decided to stick it out & endure the heat in there without the air conditioning anyway because I was just about starving, however, I wasn’t able to actually relax and truly enjoy my meal the same way that I normally do. I was dripping with sweat by the time that our meal arrived. So after my food came, I rushed to eat it so I could get home from there. I hope that they get the air conditioner fixed. I tend to eat there once a week, & I would hate to break my routine! If it’s still not working next week, I might have to order our meal to go just so that I can come back home to our own air conditioning.

a/c worker