Central a/c component

It seems that necessity really is the mother of invention.  I used to love to go camping and my friends and i would go every weekend.  Whenever there was a concert in the park, I would go to the concert. While I was in college, I heard about music festivals.  I would get to go camping and listen to music. It seemed like the perfect harmony for me. If I didn’t like the bank playing at that time, I would go back and rest in my tent.  Then I would come back out when I heard a band I liked. It was so hot and humid most of the time, that I couldn’t breathe. It was something I was used to from camping, but I knew there had to be something I could do to stay cool.  While at one of the music festivals I met a man who sold HVAC systems for a living. We got talking and he told me about the outdoor tent sales they have. The idea hit me like a ton of bricks. I could get a tent, put in portable air conditioners and charge people to join me.  I couldn’t believe that people liked the idea. I was getting a dollar a minute for people to just sit and feel the air conditioning. I then changed the pricing and I had special pricing for fifteen minutes, half an hour, and a full hour. One guy wanted to know what I would charge for him to take a nap in air conditioning.  New ideas coming in a minute.

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