Heavy heating in the tech department

Working for the IT department has been so much fun for me.  I kind of get a kick out of how much power the IT department has over the managers.  All we have to do is ask for something and we get. We are the IT department for an online sales company.  They depend on us to keep the computers and the other equipment running. There isn’t a single department in our company, including the shipping department, that doesn’t depend on their technology to do their job.  It is the IT department that keeps it running properly. What they don’t realize is that if there isn’t enough air conditioning in the IT department, their equipment will be affected. All of the equipment that we use, emits heat.  When the heat builds, not only do the techs become uncomfortable, but it could cause the equipment to malfunction. If our equipment malfunctions, then every other department in the business, quits working. When we went to the powers above us to ask for more air conditioning, they balked at first.  They couldn’t understand why the central HVAC was okay for everyone else, but it wasn’t okay for us. We explained the idea that the equipment produced heat. One mention of malfunctioning equipment had them jumping to get the air conditioning that we need. I understood that they didn’t want to pay for more air conditioning.  Unfortunately, if they don’t have their internet because we went down due to no air conditioning, the whole company is going to suffer.