Central air on the water

I have constantly been enchanted by the sea, drawn to it, so to speak. I grew up in a landlocked state in the middle of the country. However somehow I remained certain that one day I would be on the water for the rest of my life… It took a lot of years of work, however finally my dream came true. My hubby and I moved to a city right on the ocean. Just a few weeks later, we bought ourselves an older houseboat so we could live on the water without having pay the high cost of a coastal home. My hubby and I enjoyed being on the water, however in the middle of the ocean you miss modern comforts, such as air conditioning. By docking our houseboat, we can enjoy the comforts of electricity hook ups, clean running water, as well as of course the heating and A/C system, all while remaining on the water. It is the perfect marriage of scenery as well as temperature control, where every day begins with a lovely sunrise. My hubby and I don’t run the A/C all the time of course, usually only when it is undoubtedly necessary. You see, the air quality here on the water is nearly perfect, so we only need the temperature control plan when the temperatures get too hot. I have never once needed to run the heater, because it never gets cold enough for that around here. The best thing is that whenever he and I get  tired of the view, we can unhook the heating and A/C system, pull up the anchor, as well as go anywhere else. No matter where I am, I will constantly have my air conditioning system.

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