Changes to my home

Something that I had to learn the hard way was switching the air conditioner filter too late… I figured mine could legitimately last the whole summertime season away from any problems, however well, I was completely dead wrong because near the end of the hot summer time season, our system entirely failed badly. I came to find from the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist that came over for repairs, that our system had fully overheated, however he said it was definitely because I failed to change out the air conditioner filter! He said the filter was so blocked up with grime, that it was obvious it was the total reason behind the overheated air conditioning unit. He said that I was lucky because it could have been way worse. He instructed me to instantly change out the air conditioner filter before I turned the air conditioning back on this time. He also recommended the HEPA filters because they worked a whole lot better than the cheap filters. They would improve the air quality in our home and keep our system a whole lot cleaner also. He also let me fully know that it wouldn’t hurt to get our HVAC duct cleaned too. I guess he knew that if I failed to change our air conditioner filter, it also made sense that I legitimately never bothered to have the HVAC duct cleaned either. If he was thinking that, he was definitely correct because I’m sure that I have never had the HVAC duct cleaned for as long as I’ve lived here in this happy home of mine.

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