The a/c constantly working

These past weeks with this bad heatwave, I have been finding myself cursing the sun. My cooling plan is struggling to keep up with the temperature control settings. But in the spring I made to sure to have my Heating and Air Conditioning plan tune-up. It has been over 100 degrees just about everyday the past few weeks though. It is ridiculous how scorching hot it’s been. I wouldn’t care for to imagine how bad it would be if I had forgotten my Heating and Air Conditioning plan service! I’ve been safe indoors while my neighbors rush off to the store to get window A/C units. Yet my Heating and Air Conditioning plan was still struggling a little bit, even though I didn’t need anything such as that. On top of using the A/C I had to have fans blowing in the beach house to try and further cool down. I would get mad if anyone left the door open too long as they were letting the cooling straight out the door! My utility bills are going to be a huge chunk of my paycheck. I found myself resting my head in the freezer from time to time to assume the nice chill of the freezer. I couldn’t wait for this bad heat wave to be over! I even thought about calling the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to see if they could do anything for me, but truthfully they genuinely couldn’t do anything more. They were just there to do that tune-up! There was nothing to do but wait out the heatwave until things cooled back to normal temperatures.