Chuckling to myself

When our family moved to the desert region deep into the Southwest, I was not thrilled in any respect. I was just finishing up our year in High School plus to me the last thing I wanted was to be the “new East Coast kid” for our final year.  I tried to arrange to stay with my best friends for that last year however obviously our parents wouldn’t hear of it. Flash forward; these days I can’t imagine residing someplace else. I just finished our degree up from a local trade school, plus I am in the process of buying our first house.  I hired an independent inspector to go over the house plus make sure everything was in great shape before I signed any papers. I hired a guy that came out promptly, and he was highly advised by a friend of mine. When he handed myself and others his list of things that he felt probably needed to be fixed, I had to laugh.  In substantial letters at the top of the list was, “back swamp cooler needs to be replaced”. I think he could see that I was perplexed with this sentiment because I had never heard that term plus I knew the two of us didn’t have any sort of “swamp” in our area. The people I was with and I barely got any rain at all throughout the year let alone had sitting water to worry about.  He laughed plus explained that it was a term used to describe the single particular type of air conditioning component that I had at the house. This component actually works differently from a correct 1 that uses compressed air plus refrigerant to properly cool a space. This unit cools the air through the evaporation of water, so in drier climates this type of proposal can significantly cool the air plus add moisture right back to the air in your house too.  This improves both the overall feel plus the quality of the air you breathe.

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