Small air leaks

When our family moved way out to the desert region of the Southwest, I was not pleased with my parents whatsoever. I was just finishing up our third year in High School & the last thing I wanted was to be the “new weird kid” for our final year.  I tried my best to arrange to stay with friends for that last school year but our parents wouldn’t hear of it for one moment. That was more than four years ago, & now, I can’t begin imagine living anywhere else. I just started the process of buying our first house out here, and my parents recommended that I hire an independent inspector to come out and go over the loft & make sure everything was really nice before I signed any papers. I hired a local guy that came highly recommended by a neighbor of mine and had good experience, but when he handed myself and others his list of broken things, I had to laugh and question his knowledge.  In big letters at the top of the list was, “swamp cooler needs to be substituted”. I suppose he could quickly see that I was perplexed because I had never heard that term & I definitely knew the people I was with and I didn’t have a “swamp” anywhere in our area. The people I was with and I barely got any rainfall throughout the year let alone had resting water and crocodiles. He laughed & explained gently that it was a term used to describe the type of a/c unit that I had at the house. In drier temperatures this type of system can work to significantly cool the air by using this process & adds valuable moisture back to the air in your loft too.  This improves both the value of the house & the quality of the air you breathe.

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