My friend, Joy, owns a great car. It’s big and cosy and the ride is ultra smooth. There is hardly anything I enjoy more than riding around with her. One time we even crossed several state lines in that car, on our to a wedding. She asked me to help her drive and I had to, but I was secretly very scared of wrecking my friend’s treasure. Joy’s single beef with that car was the HVAC system.

         She suffers from allergies and since we like driving around with the car top down, a lot of dust can accumulate in the AC vents. Last Friday was a bleak, overcast day, though quite warm, and we were riding to the mall with the windows up and the AC on. Joy sneezed and coughed so much that I felt really sorry for her. The moment we parked and got out of the car, she was okay again. So though the sky was dark with pending rain, we sped back home with the top down to avoid using the AC.

          Joy said she would take the car to an auto shop to have the vents cleaned but I decided to do some research on the subject. On the internet ,I found a video which demonstrated how easily a car’s AC and heating vents may be cleaned. I called up Joy and told her this. Armed with our brushes, liquid cleaner, towels and small, flat, plastic wedges, we proceeded to clean the HVAC vents the following day. The dirt left on the towels was enough to tell us that the vents were now clean.