That’s none of my business

After living a life that resembles one never-ending struggle, I’ve come to recognize that I am not the luckiest person, per say. In fact, there are very few stories of good fortune I have to share. I lost $100 when I was traveling last year, I’ve never won any kind of talent competition in my life, and I’ve been working toward the same promotion for 5 years with little indication that I’ll ever land the job. That’s why it was the shock of a lifetime when I randomly won a local raffle for a brand modern Heating and Air Conditioning system! I answered a phone call from an unknown number multiple weeks ago, and was shocked when the voice on the other end identified herself as an Heating and Air Conditioning dealership owner. She told me I had won their promotional raffle drawing, and I would be receiving a state of the art heating and cooling unit free of charge! The process was self-explanatory; she would send a ventilation specialist to our residence, they would measure our home and determine which updated furnace, a/c, and control unit idea were best for our particular living situation. As soon as they got the correct HVAC unit in stock at the shop, the installation process would begin. Well, I was so thrilled that I didn’t even think twice when the lady on the phone requested my debit card information to hold on file for the installation. Now that several weeks have passed and there has not been a single HVAC contractor showing up at our door, I have come to realize I didn’t even enter a raffle to begin with.

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