Cold cellar without heater:

The other day I had to go into our basement to do some truly deep digging in the storage area to look for some seriously important papers. I am seldom in our basement as it is strictly used for a storage area. However, when I did go down there the other day, I have to say, I nearly froze to a giant ice cube! It seems that the heating system does not work well in getting all the heat from the HVAC system from there at all. I never truly observed before, how there are no air vents in the basement. Thus, all of the heating from the heating system, plus even the a/c in the summer time time months, goes to the rest of my home. In the summer, it must be pretty darn sizzling down here without any air conditioning. Right now it is frigid from no heating down here! I was lucky enough to have found a small space heating system while going through this storage area in my cellar.  So, I turned on the space heating system plus left it right by me a few feet away. Luckily for me, it warmed things up pretty darn fast, just within a particular range of the area I was in. This space heating system was a literal life saver! I ended up having to spend more than two hours down there to find the important papers I was looking for. It could have been sheer arctic hell. However, thanks to our trusty space heating system I found, it went rather smoothly, plus I gained the knowledge that our basement area does not have any heating or cooling!

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