Ac near the dump

Growing up near the town dump was just as amazing as it sounds, however that is to say, it was certainly terrible; Our home smelled similar to low tide at sewage island, depending on which way the wind was blowing… Even on the best of mornings it stank, however when the easterly breeze picked up plus blew across the mountains of garbage at the dump, it was repulsive. Like all things in life, you eventually get used to it. After a while, the smell just got to be normal to us. Actually, my siblings and I even wandered over to the dump occasionally to do some exploring and see what we can find. More than once we found a cooling system out there, and sometimes they even worked! Granted, these old air conditioning systems we found in the mountains of trash were made more of rust than metal at this point! Still, our home didn’t have central AC, plus we only had a single tiny box device in our home, so these were fantastic finds. My siblings plus I would work together, drag the cooling system into our backyard, bring out an extension cord, and if the A/C worked at all, we’d devote hours to deep cleaning it plus getting rid of all the garbage residue. After a couple of years, all of us had our own small cooling system in our rooms! It still baffles me that people are willing to just toss a functional air conditioning system!

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