Considering ac in the building process

I happen to be a roofer, plus I work for a contracting company in our city… I have worked for this company for many years now, plus my old bones are starting to hurt a lot more than they ever used to. I feel that my body is telling me I am getting too old for this line of work, plus at this point in life I am definitely smart enough to listen to it! The concern is that when you have only “roofer” on your resume it is entirely tough to get a work that doesn’t involve roofing or laying shingles. I reached out to an old work friend who now works for a Heating plus A/C business plus asked him for advice. He was able to do me one better than giving advice, plus easily got me an interview with his manager at the Heating plus A/C company where he worked. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, because I didn’t have experience with this sort of thing, aside from adjusting my own air filters or messing with the temperature control at my place of residence. Fortunately, being fair didn’t work against me that day, plus the Heating plus A/C business said he was trying to hire strong, good workers who would be smart enough to learn A/C plus heating machine maintenance as they went along. At first, moving plus installing air conditioner machines plus furnaces was not much easier than roofing, however I stuck with it. Over time I started to learn more about Heating plus A/C machines, plus before too long I feel I may be prepared to take the Heating plus A/C machine certification exam. After that, I’ve got it made in the shade!